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Well you have your photos all nicely scanned and organised.  They look great and you want to show them off.  You can do this in the 'traditional' way: open the folder, click on the files and make a slideshow.  But you have little or no control of how they look and no way of explaining their significance apart from your running commentary.

Now enter the world of the image slideshow or picture slideshow, call it what you will.

Let me create a slideshow in video format, complete with opening and closing credits, a soundtrack, captions and/or recorded commentary and all the effects that can bring the show to life!  As a video file it can be left to run and loop which is great for big events like parties, anniversaries, weddings, adventure trips or presentations.  I can even hire you a projector.  I can of course include short video sequences and even post the shows on the web in glorious HD to share with friends around the world. See this short example - it gets a bit more creative towards the end!:


Ness Scan Slideshow on Vimeo.


With auto or no pan & zoom, no music.
With titles, music and auto pan and zoom
With bespoke titles music and effects
With video inserts
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