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Scanning Photographs

What is Scanning?

Using a high quality dedicated photo scanner (not to be confused with the all-in-one devices in common use) I know how to scan any media to a high standard.  How high is a matter of judgement. If I turn up the wick, I can scan at 9,600dpi - that's very high indeed and will produce enormous files  of up to 20Mb and take quite a long time!  This may be just right if you want to print your photograph as a wall sized poster but quite unnecessary if you just want to view old holiday snaps on your phone.

So my standard definition of 1200dpi is a fine balance of quality and files size and includes dust removal and colour restoration.

Prints up to A4, negatives or slides from 35mm to 10 X 8, colour or black & white.  I will not scan copyright material unless you have the permission of the owner.

Feel free to discuss what you want and I will endeavour to meet your needs  in the most economical manner.


No website can accurately display the quality of these images.  However, as they are taken from 40 year old slides and negatives, that have lain somewhat unloved, I think they give some impression of the results that can be achieved.  Click on each to open.

Arran Jean1 Jane1
Jean2 Jean2 Paris1

Prices (per image at standard resolution)


Scan with automatic dust removal

Negative or slide = 35mm 
Negative or slide >35mm
Print <=6X4
Print > 6X4
High resolution
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